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Research: Ticker Trax zu La Quinta

La Quinta wurde am 11.03.2011 vom bekannten Börsendienst Ticker Trax von Thom Calandra gefeatured:

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Hier der direkte Link zum Artikel „These Veins Are About Them„.


„EASTER TIME: La Quinta Resources (TSX-V: LAQ) looks like a distressed stock this week, especially with the free trading of stock from a recent placement. I spent time with CEO Glen Watson (no relation to John Watson above). Glen and his president and VP of Exploration, tell me this winter’s work at La Quinta’s Easter project in Nevada, which I visited in autumn 2010, included permit applications and identification of exploration targets for 2011. Also: interpretation of air-photos and satellite photos helped identify what looks like an extension of the so-called West Vein, some 1,000 feet westerly from a fresh sampling. Mr. Martin, who reminds me of Mr. Mathewson at Gold Standard in his attention to detail and modeling, says “the vein intersects a large circular fracture zone approximately 1,000 wide. Such circular fractures are commonly made by buried plutons that intrude their volcanic pile, creating large fractured areas receptive to vein infilling for hundreds of feet of vertical and lateral extent. The Knob Hill Mine in the Republic gold-silver district of Washington state is an example of such an environment.” La Quinta’s 7-cent stock is what they call a punt. In Toronto this past week, I heard at least three deal makers talk about growing interest in the Nevada property. We’ll see. I know some of the major shareholders of La Quinta, and they all come off as confident that the microscopic company will see big headlines in coming weeks and months. I do not own the shares.“

Beachten Sie unbedingt unseren Disclaimer sowie unseren Hinweis zum “Interessenkonflikt bei La Quinta Resources Corp.“.

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